Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Butterfly's, Ladybugs and a Dragonfly too

Sharon G's new book finally arrived after hearing so many good things about it. I have to spend some more time with it but what I really wanted to do was study her new triptych that came in too. It consists of three related designs, the Ladybug & Dragonfly, the Butterfly & Ladybug, and the Butterfly & two Ladybugs. I shuffled them around wondering about a pleasant arrangement of the three. How many stitches, threads or textures would I want to keep consistent between them all? I like how beads were integral to the stitches. But within an hour of opening the envelop and before I could photograph all 3 to do a blog post the dragonfly sold! (Thanks Madelyn for taking the time to come visit during your brief stay in NJ from Utah. So wonderful to meet your distant online customers in person). So the picture you see here is taken from the cover of Sharon's Stitch Guide and the two others are of the actual canvas's. But fear not I've already contacted Sharon G and she's sending another dragonfly off upon her return from Dallas. Stitch guide $29. Each canvas is $72. Thread kit has yet to be priced, but please let me know if your interested. Not positive, but I think Sharon G taught the Dragonfly at this past ANG Seminar 2010. Oh and getting back to her book! I think it looks very user friendly and helps one to feel familiar with a stitch, just to "hear" her talk about it. My only comment, though not an issue for many, is there is no numbering to help one grasp a logical sequence of stitching. I tend to want to go everywhere at once so a little more discipline for me is helpful. I've also learned that with open stitches what goes on in the back is as important as what's happening in the front. None the less a great book for a Stitchers Library. I have several copies on hand for $32.00 each.

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