Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are you a purple person?

Are you a purple person? I often refer to my customers who just love purple as purple people because they often can't resist a predominantly purple canvas. While sending these images off to someone and thought oh why not spread the word and have a blog post. The top one, Columbines, is absolutely gorgeous. I know that sounds all too sweet but I think its true. Vibrant colors and so many of them, just like in nature where really nothing is truly solid. Its just lovely, as many of Dream House Ventures "Element" florals are. "Columbines" is $94.00 stitch painted on 14 count. Overall design area is 6" x 9".

The other two are very special and are reproductions from a 16th century needlework hanging from the Tracquair House in Scotland. Stitch painted on 18 count the background can be stitched or left unstitched. "Mallow" has a design area of 8.5" x 8.5" and is $112.00 (overall canvas size is 13" square). "Thistle" has a design area of 7 3/4" x 11" with an overall size of 12 x 15" and is also $112.00 The original piece was stitched on a loose natural weave fabric much like burlap. The Crewelwork Co. site seems to be down right now but there are several nice pieces for those who like something a bit unusual or historically correct. I have other tracquair canvases in the shop as well as some of their belts. or

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