Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Buddah Feet

Zecca rises to the top when it comes to intense color. "Buddah's Footprints" Stitch painted on 18 count canvas. Design area is 17.5 " square and the overall canvas is 23.5" square. $280. Makes a great stool cover or for the impractical ones I can't help but think what a great rug to place in front of a toilet in a guest bathroom. Its in stock and offered on the web store. The other 3 are new for Zecca 2011 and I can order any of these for you. Night Owl is 3" x 5" on 18 mesh and is $42.00. (I think this fits the Kindle Cover) Next up has got to be the best Coo Coo Clock ever since there is only an adorable Coo Coo bird and not an annoying Coo Coo bird. 7" x 9.75" on 18 count, $105.00. The red lines that lead out to dots can be thought of as the "numbers" dividing the face into 12 parts. Lastly, one of my favorites, the Big Moon Clock 9.75" x 13" on 18 count for $158.00. Someone asked about numbers! For those who must have numbers I would suggest stitching Zecca buttons, or others that are more subtle, on the "clock face" in lieu of numbers. Zecca has clock mechanisms too.

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