Sunday, February 13, 2011

Woodlawn 2011

Since I encourage everyone to participate I couldn't not do it myself. The first being the first pear in the Kelly Clark pear of the month club. The second is a piece I was asked to teach for an EGA chapter. The piece is based on a chart from Finger Step Designs, their wildflower series. Charted for all gumnuts the chapter wanted to learn to use silk ribbon. The violets and leaves are silk ribbon by RiverSilks and the fern leaf is waterlillies by Caron. The dragonfly is, well I don't remember exactly but I recall overstitching in bijoux to give it that metallic iridescence I think of when I think of dragonfly wings. Best lesson learned? RiverSilk silk ribbon is the only ribbon I know of that can withstand being pulled through canvas without shredding. And did you submit something? Please share.


  1. Your pieces are lovely--good luck!

    I've entered Woodlawn for several years, and have been fortunate to win ribbons nearly every year.

    This year I submitted three pieces--a framed silk shading piece, a temari ball, and an original embroidered box.

    Not sure how they will do, but it's always fun to send my entries down there.

    Carol S.


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