Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ornaments for All

Just a sampling of needlepoint and cross stitch ornaments from 2010, and then a set in crewel from way back early 1970's. Sports and Colleges are always popular as well as Baby's First. The cross stitch ones are cute and great for beginners or those who want to spend less per ornament than a painted canvas. I've cropped out the beaded fringe that hangs at the bottom of each but beaded fringe is nice in that it gives some weight to each piece and allows them to hang nicely. Lastly I wanted to share this set of crewel ornaments that I stitched myself when I was a kid. It appears like I had too much eggnog when it came to finishing the snowman. I do love how these are two sided. I didn't remember but my mom tells me I stuffed these with dog hair! Season Greetings to all and may everyone find some quiet time to stitch during the Holidays.

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