Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Stitching

Not necessarily just for the Holidays here are few canvas's that can be enjoyed throughout the winter months. All except the Winter Basket canvas and stitch guide (sold as soon as it went into the store!) are for sale in my webstore - click the images to visit the store. Sorry Patchwork Pete the snowman is a little blurry, I think I need to take a new picture, but you get the idea. He's from Kelly Clark so you can rest assure that he's stitch painted.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Looks good from the back too!

Several of you have asked about the pear backs so here they are. All finished in Silk, where the fronts are just slightly padded the backs smooth. Colors match beautifully with the front. The emerald green is the back of the Chartreuse Pear and the deeper green is the back of the Patchwork Pear. Thanks for all the positive feedback. Merry Holidays!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ornaments for All

Just a sampling of needlepoint and cross stitch ornaments from 2010, and then a set in crewel from way back early 1970's. Sports and Colleges are always popular as well as Baby's First. The cross stitch ones are cute and great for beginners or those who want to spend less per ornament than a painted canvas. I've cropped out the beaded fringe that hangs at the bottom of each but beaded fringe is nice in that it gives some weight to each piece and allows them to hang nicely. Lastly I wanted to share this set of crewel ornaments that I stitched myself when I was a kid. It appears like I had too much eggnog when it came to finishing the snowman. I do love how these are two sided. I didn't remember but my mom tells me I stuffed these with dog hair! Season Greetings to all and may everyone find some quiet time to stitch during the Holidays.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Trio of Pears

The finisher did such a spectacular job on these I couldn't wait to share. A beautiful balance of color, texture, shiny and matte. I did notice some of the silk ribbon got a little frayed, I have to remember to ask my customer who's ribbon she used. I sure hope its not RIverSilk as this is the only silk ribbon I trust that will not fray on the edge. Enjoy and I hope everyone doing the Kelly Clark Pear's is as happy with theirs as I am with my customers. Great job Miriam!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Holiday Angel

I think this is one of the lovely ornaments, a classic.  With so many cute and whimsical ornaments to choose from its refreshing to see something appropriate for all people of all ages.  I see the burgundy in splendor or very velvet.  Wings in a shimmery gold and her gown in long stitches of silk ribbon.
This is available through our current Trunk Show with Barbara Russell Designs. "Angel I" is 5" x 5" overall, design stitch painted on 18 count.  It retails for $60.00  Trunk show cost is $48.00 through December 16th.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowmen and other flakes

I happen to love this Snow(man) Angel from Ruth Schmuff.  A customer of mine stitched it up in a week as a winter theme insert for a Lee wristlet.  Great colors, reminds me of something a child might do because the colors are fresh and don't appear to be labored over for the "perfect" look.   It is stitched to match what was painted.  Ok, enough of this.  Barbara Russell trunk show continues until December 16th (20% off retail inc. threads).  She has a number of dog ornaments for all those dog lovers.  Just ordered some Treenway silk ribbons and threads to give them a try.  Does anyone have any experience with these?  New to the store is the floor stand by Daylight, its received good reviews and is a lower price point than a Lowery or System 4.  For those wanting the best I do allow the Lowery to be taken home for a test drive.