Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something for all the Small People

A quality I like about Sandra's pieces is the simplicity and calmness they have and yet remain strong artistically. When so many designers bend towards a shock value with humor, color and style Sandra Gilmore's pieces are not about this. Below is a child reading a book to his/her stuffed toys; a phrase about seeing the moon and one good old fashioned Frosty the Snowman. Is it just my age that appreciates these? When a canvas is also just good art it looks great in simple stitches, or is just one kind of thread. Basketweave in Splendor? Needlepoint doesn't always have to be about outdoing the piece you just finished. Oh, or if your like me and hardly finish anything its nice to have a simple piece to have on hand when your too tired to think or need to give your mind some time off.

The Sandra Gilmore Once in a Blue Moon Trunk Show continues till the end of the month. See a portion of the canvases on our web store, or call for a specific favorite.

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