Saturday, November 27, 2010

Continental & Basketweave - How much are they the same?

I was finishing this piece for a customer when my mind said ~ "teaching opportunity". I've always thought continental and basketweave really do appear different on the finished side. Many customers find it really hard to believe and think I'm just a stitching snob so now I tend to mention it to my more fussy customers. The yellow background in the Lee canvas stitched below was done in about 1/3 continental and 1/3 basketweave. I won't go in to details which is where; if you can't see the difference then I guess it's a mute point for you. The difference for me is continental/tent looks like rows of corn on a corn cob and basketweave provides an all over texture. I prefer the all over texture, but if using a variegated thread beware of diagonal streaks! When stitching with a thread like watercolour's or DMC variations I defer back to continental. I think this is of less importance if a thread is only shaded like Gumnut stars or Renaissance Dyeing wool and not obviously variegated. That being said I respect those who just only want to do continental or who struggle stitching on a diagonal path, needlepointing is for fun and relaxation.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barbara Russell Trunk Show through December 16, 2010

I will be posting several of Barbara's pieces up for sale on my internet store but in the meantime feel free to browse her site and contact me with any inquiries. ALL canvas's as part of the Trunk Show are 20% off. We all know Barbara as having some of the best dogs, but there is SO much more to her line. Very artistic pieces, lovely florals, book weights, eyeglass cases, and many classic Winnie-the-Pooh too.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Idea for Stitchie People

These self finishing needlebooks by Birds of a Feather make great gifts for anyone who uses a threaded needle ie. needlepointers, cross stitchers and quilters too. They are self finishing and of a very useful size that can accommodate 4" embroidery scissors, threaders, needles and other tiny tools of the trade; includes several "wool" pages for keeping your needles separated by type.. Zips closed for last minute tossing into your stitching bag. See them on our web store, Batik (blue and yellow), Gypsy Girl (purple and blue), and Bouquet Collage (red and green).

Bouquet Collage

Gypsy Girl
wool pages inside the book

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Down by the Seaside

"Down by the Sea" a few canvas's for those who love the coast. Sandra's canvas's are all stitch painted making it so easy to have pleasing results with less effort. All are available for purchase in my online store.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sampler Stolen and other Sad News

The Burlington Country Historical Society has re-focused its mission of telling the rich history of the County to children and their families through new interactive exhibits. The sale proceeds of the needlework and furniture from the Society’s collection will be used to develop these participatory exhibitions and interpret the significant roles of transportation, agriculture, the military and Underground Railroad in the development of Burlington Country, New Jersey.
Excuse me. What about women’s history? APPALLING

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some of Sandra's Cats

Here's a sampling of some cat pieces for all the cat lovers. "Wild Night" reg. $232. now just $186.00 Are there times when you wish you could have a night out and act like this guy? "Meow" reg. $120.00 now $96.00. "The Cat" reg. $140.00 now $112.00 All reduced prices are good until November 30th, 2010. I have these is stock for immediate shipment. This is not a virtual trunkshow except for those too far to stop in and see for yourself. White hot spot is a reflection of the flash, sorry.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something for all the Small People

A quality I like about Sandra's pieces is the simplicity and calmness they have and yet remain strong artistically. When so many designers bend towards a shock value with humor, color and style Sandra Gilmore's pieces are not about this. Below is a child reading a book to his/her stuffed toys; a phrase about seeing the moon and one good old fashioned Frosty the Snowman. Is it just my age that appreciates these? When a canvas is also just good art it looks great in simple stitches, or is just one kind of thread. Basketweave in Splendor? Needlepoint doesn't always have to be about outdoing the piece you just finished. Oh, or if your like me and hardly finish anything its nice to have a simple piece to have on hand when your too tired to think or need to give your mind some time off.

The Sandra Gilmore Once in a Blue Moon Trunk Show continues till the end of the month. See a portion of the canvases on our web store, or call for a specific favorite.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sandra Gilmore Trunk Show continues!

Sandra Gilmore, otherwise known as the designer of Once in a Blue Moon, is truly a master of the needlepoint canvas. This is one of best received trunk shows the Nimble Needle has sponsored and most everyone has trouble deciding which canvas they like best, with many buying multiple pieces. Her canvas's are painted with great precision, otherwise known as stitch painted. Often canvas's that have alot of detail are nothing but a guessing game when the needle hits the canvas. Not the case here! Stop in and enjoy. For an overview, her designs can be seen at their web site. All trunk show canvas's are 20% off, including the threads for each if bought during the trunk show. I will be posting many of her canvas's on my web store, so for those who can't come by and see for themselves please take advantage of this "internet trunk show".

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sandra Gilmore of Once in a Blue Moon Designs Trunk Show

Now through November 30th Trunk Show featuring Sandra Gilmore of Once in a Blue Moon designs. Includes florals, landscapes, interiors, children, animals, judaic, christmas and more. This is one show not to be missed. 20% off all Trunk Show canvas's and threads if purchased for trunk show piece. View collection here.

For the span of the Trunk Show we will also be offering some of the canvases via our web store. You can find them in our Needlepoint Category.