Sunday, October 3, 2010

Healing Sutra's

A customer of mine just introduced me to the artist Erin Endicott. Aside from Erin being an artist she is a fine embroiderer too. I admire her work because it is technically outstanding, beautiful and meaningful. I am usually more than satisfied meeting the first two; thoughtful and meaningful makes it extraordinary. From her web site:

To stitch; a thread or line that holds things together - this is the literal translation of the ancient Sanskrit word "sutra". In the "Healing Sutras" I use contemporary embroidery on antique fabric as a canvas to explore the common threads that bind countless generations of women. Wounds - both physical and psychological - are given life using delicate, meditative stitches. Traditionally thought of as "woman's work", sewing is a time consuming and contemplative process, each thoughtfully considered stitch becoming integral to the whole. join me on Facebook @ Erin Endicott Contemporary Embroidery

Healing Sutra #9 (detail) of hand embroidery on antique infant dress

Healing Sutra #10 (detail) hand embroidered antique fabric stained with walnut ink

Healing Sutra #11 (detail) hand embroidered antique baby bib stained with walnut ink

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