Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A very busy summer..

I'm pleased its been a very busy summer at the Nimble Needle and I feel like I've fallen off the horse when it comes to blog posts. Just doing the best I can and hope to get a flurry of new ones up soon. But I just read a funny line on the ANG message board and I just had to share. Most all of us have multiple projects at all various stages, and can get frustrated when non stitchers just "don't understand" how one can keep buying more when we have umpty ump projects in our stash. Well here's one way of looking at it "Yup, having a new project is like having a new boyfriend." This just makes me laugh because there's a thread of truth here, no pun intended. We can love some of our w.i.p.'s but......well......they can get boring or often for me they just aren't turning out as spectacular as I had anticipated. So I get them 90% there and then there's the lure, the uncontrollable urge, the fantasy of how this next project is going to be so perfect. That same chemical gets released into my bloodstream like the anticipation of that first date, and the second and third.......until the honeymoon phase has passed and we start looking for a new one.

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