Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Couldn't wait to show off a customers version of Shelly Tribbey's Lady. Its another perfect example of how silk ribbon, and in this case Riversilks, works beautifully into a piece where I'm not sure of what other fiber could work quite as well. Bouquet flowers are done in the spider stitch, the detail in the stems! I'm not sure what the stitch used in the hat would be called, but for now I'll call it the ribbon stitch, as nothing else but a ribbon, narrow or wide, can be folded back upon itself. The last piece is someone's else's stitched piece worked up into a lovely pillow by who else but Marlene's Custom Pillows. I'd like to end this with nothing but positive thoughts but my eye tells me otherwise. I have this canvas for sale and having seen now 2 versions somehow I want the dress / skirt to be more pronounced and even more so; have the upper background retreat into the background. Is it the color, the stitch or both but it almost plays this optical game between coming infront and my eye wanting to push it back. Its a beautiful piece in so many ways and I just think its all about her.

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