Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweater Ornaments

They just came in. Sweaters seem to have become quite popular as holiday tree ornaments, but I think these could be equally as nice in a shadow box and enjoyed all year long.

Sports theme is shown with Silk and Ivory, Gumnut mohair and Neon Rays plus (incase its to be an ornament you gotta' have a little shimmer). Those not familiar with Gumnut Mohair, what a gem this thread is. Yes its a wool but under a microscope it must look quite different. It reflects light in a way that reminds me of whipped egg whites, a lovely gloss. Canvas is 48. Threads as shown 16.00

Nurse's sweater shown with Silk and Ivory with Trebizond for a little play on texture. Angora for a feminine touch and Caron snow for that little bit of bling. Canvas 48. Threads as shown 14.50. Does anyone know when Nurses stopped wearing hats like this?

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