Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crewel Work Co. Workshop.

Finally, here is a review of the Crewel Work Co. Workshop we held on June 7th. A big thanks to Betsy Anderson for taking these pictures. So much information was flowing it couldn't have been easy to take such great pictures too. I hope after having a few more workshops under my belt that I can be so composed as to take pictures too! Here is Phillipa during her presentation on historic embroidery from English castles, mansions and country homes. It was quite a history lesson! Most of us can appreciate hand embroidery but knowing the history behind it all is so fascinating. They had reasons for why they did the embroidery, what it would depict and where it would be placed in the home. It wasn't to pass time or just to make something pretty. What amazes me is the skill level evident in these works of art. We all have much to be grateful for with Phillipa's research. Many of these pieces are in privately owned estates. There because well they've been there for hundreds of years and most likely just taken for granted. Through Phillipa's keen interest and knowledge she has discovered stitches and techniques not widely known or used since then.

Here are some action shots. Phillipa is a marvelous teacher. She expects everyones' full attention, notice there's no chit chat going on? Her one on one assistance is the norm; everyone gets valuable feedback.

If Phillipa isn't helping and doing her rounds she is teaching technique. If only Betsy had captured a picture of the pile of papers on the floor, Phillipa likes to draw and talk, good for the verbal and visual learner alike.

And a good time was had by all.

We have several of Phillipa's Crewel Work Company pieces available on the Nimble Needle web store. We also have an open order with the Crewel Work Company right now, so if you see a piece on their web site which is not available on our web store we can add it to our order for you. Otherwise check back later for new pieces.

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