Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miyoshi Dolls

I got so excited when a customer asked if I could order her the Miyoshi Doll from Red Thread Designs. I'd not seen these before and of all the dolls available it is my favorite. I think the finished height is about 12". The origin of Miyoshi Dolls is said to date back to the Kanei era around 1633. They are simple but have a hint of beauty too.

I've attached two other doll canvases that I also find interesting, Lionel for cat lovers and Lorelei. According to Wikipedia: "Lorelei is also the name of one of the beautiful Rhine maidens who, according to a modern legend, sat upon this rock and lured passing navigators to their doom with their alluring singing".

All dolls are on 18 count, there are several others in the collection.

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