Monday, May 31, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Nimble Needle will be closed on Friday June 11th and Saturday June 12th due to my daughters graduation and performance schedule. Sorry for any inconvenience, please let me know if there is anything in particular you were hoping to pick up and/or look for on these days and perhaps I can help you out.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Julie Mar Trunk Show - Gardenscape Rug

The Gardenscape rug by Julie Mar. One of my favorite rugs of all times, the proportion of the rug is nice also, at 18" x 48". I always suggest to customers that padded and framed could make a lovely headboard too. Rug price is 672, and will be marked down 20% until June 30th.

You can purchase the rug directly from our web store. Use this promotion code during check-out to gain the 20% disount: JMRugJun10

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Julie Mar Trunk Show - Landscapes

Julie Mar Landscapes 5" x 5" on 13 count. Golden Summer and Floral View. each 48.00, Now 38. until May 31st!

Julie Mar Landscapes 3" x 9" on 18 count. Silver Pine and Mountain Waterfall. each 56.00, Now 30. until May 31st!

Julie Mar Trunk Show - Seascapes

Julie Mar Seascapes 5" x 5" on 18 count. Lighthouse and Beach View. each 48.00, Now 38. until May 31st!

Julie Mar Seascapes 5" x 5" on 13 count. Waters Edge and Sail Boat. each 48.00, Now 38. until May 31st!

Modestly priced Boxes

Nice economical boxes. All are self finishing and work gets mounted like an off the shelf picture frame. Easy to do. I am so glad Sudberry reintroduced oak along with their gloss finish. The ones from Romancing the past are clean, well made and very well priced. Its unlikely either line is made in the United States.

Romancing the Past

Romancing the Past

Sudberry white wash oak

Sudberry Oak

Sudberry black high gloss

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miyoshi Dolls

I got so excited when a customer asked if I could order her the Miyoshi Doll from Red Thread Designs. I'd not seen these before and of all the dolls available it is my favorite. I think the finished height is about 12". The origin of Miyoshi Dolls is said to date back to the Kanei era around 1633. They are simple but have a hint of beauty too.

I've attached two other doll canvases that I also find interesting, Lionel for cat lovers and Lorelei. According to Wikipedia: "Lorelei is also the name of one of the beautiful Rhine maidens who, according to a modern legend, sat upon this rock and lured passing navigators to their doom with their alluring singing".

All dolls are on 18 count, there are several others in the collection.

One of a kind, HP hand lacquered boxes

Gorgeous boxes by HP, hand made and lacquered "over seas". These are truly special boxes and are available in numerous sizes and finishes. Work is mounted from behind. Due to the labor involved they are higher end when it comes to cost.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking for something new to stitch and just not another pillow?

If so then you'll want to check out for inspiration. They are a couple that takes old stitched canvas's, predominately the ones that come silk screened on penelope from France, and make something all together new. Like really new ie. applying them over taxidermy forms. Or an unexpected juxtaposition of multiple style canvas's, like the reclining nudes for those who have ever thumbed through an SEG catalog. These folks are thinking way outside the box. To view the tarty ones you'll have to visit their site.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Caanan Woodworking

Two box styles offered by a small woodworker. Boxes are completely custom, they're preference is to receive the stitched piece and mount the work themselves. Nothing can get closer to a perfect fit. Nice chain detail on the inside of the lid. They also make other size boxes, tables and foot stools for needlework.

21st Century Design comes to Needlepoint

Found these on her website I am always fascinated at how Europe is just so good at design. Unlike so many of our American counted thread designers that release "new" designs infinitum that are nothing more than regurgitation of the past other countries continue to venture forward. Notice in her butterfly collage piece many of the motifs look nostalgic but they are put in a whole new context. Sort of like how American "new" houses typically reflect times gone by instead of embracing the fact that times change and we can't pretend to live in the past. Ok, so this has nothing to do with stitching, and I hope I haven't offended anyone's taste too much. Back to these gems below I admire these because they are interesting and I'm nearly certain the whole thing is done in basketweave. WIth good design, like a Charlie Harper or Kate Molineaux its really about design/art and not about relying on stitches to make something become interesting. Look for a future post I found on Felicity's site about Federique Morrel.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Very Lovely Line of Boxes

These are the most noticed of all the boxes in my shop. They are so beautiful rather than have them sit someplace special in your home or office you really just want to hold it. Run your hands over the oil finish and think about what you'd like to be keeping safe inside. These are two of several standard sizes for them. Not sure they offer custom sizes but I imagine they wood (ha ha) since they are a family run business here on the East Coast. They are open like a frame so needlework can be mounted from behind.

The Last Few Standing

square box by Sudberry. takes a 3" round, mounting from top only. Discontinued style this is the last one.

Oak pencil box by Sudberry. Top mount only. Discontinued model this is the last one.

Oak playing card box by Sudberry. Top mount only, inside divided for 2 decks. Discontinued model this is the last one.

Needlework Boxes

From what the blog traffic reports tell me stitchers want to know about needlework boxes. So I finally went around my shop taking pictures of the various boxes I have for sale. Today I received an inquiry about a box and rather than send all the images to her alone I thought it would behoove me to post them all in one place for everyone to see! I will come back and fill in details as each and every one has specifics. In the meantime please call or email with questions or inquiries.

Turquoise Lovers

I really just love the colors in this Rose cuff by Julie Mar. I was asked by a customer to pull threads so while I'm at it I thought it was too pretty not to share. Julie Mar also has 4" square coasters/box tops in the same color palette.

Canvas cost 39, threads 39. Trunk show special until May 31st 2010 just $62.00

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Stitch 'n Time

Great small projects to do where ever you need a little something to keep your fingers busy. Watches are sold as a kit including canvas, watch face, buckle and ultrasuede for backing. Includes instructions on how to self finish. Kits are 78., threads are additional. For more options visit L'Espirit de France's website and I'm happy to order any one that suits your fancy.

All three can be found on our web store. The first watch has a Pucci style band. The second has a Burberry style plaid. The last has a nice Leopard print.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Party On

Flasks have arrived from the January Show. The picture shows a xerox of a Penn State canvas but any 3" dia canvas would fit. Monograms and school logo's are perfect. I have to admit I do not attend sporting events but these are just so handsome and well made that I couldn't resist. The saddle leather meets perfectly in the back and is attached to the flask with velcro. Self finishing doesn't get easier than this. The leather is removable for washing incase you fill it with milk or apple juice (instead of a high proof alcohol). The perfect gift for the hard core partier in your life.

shop for this item in our web store

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Julie Mar Designs Trunk Show

May 1 through May 31

20% off canvas purchases, including threads for trunk show canvases

Many florals (traditional and contemporary) and landscapes, most perfect for framing, as a pillow or made into a tote. But Julie Mar also has so many cuff bracelets, belts, eyeglass cases, scissor cases, brick covers, bookmarks, coasters, headbands, picture frames and her new line of self finishing small totes for cuff size canvases.

Come see. The color will be a feast for your eyes.