Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Each his Own

When it comes right down to it I like to stitch something that in the end I think is beautiful. Lets face it the world can always use more beauty....more art. The one exception I take occasionally is when something is funny, like some of Maggie's for instance. So in addition to the world needing more loveliness it can also use more humor. So with this in mind today I received a special dog collar for a customer. The original dog collar was taken from a belt, only the dog collar was the width of a belt and that just wouldn't be comfortable on "Stretch" the dachsund so they did a little dog size. Then another customer was looking for a 3 dimensional pig. Oh I found some that were so ugly I'm not sure I could bring myself to sell them. But then a friend of mine told me check with Brenda Stofft and here she is Peggy Suuuuueeeeey. She's one confident looking swine seated in a bed of spring flowers.

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