Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vogue Ladies

Four canvases for those stitchers who love doing the Vogue style women. My understanding is the artist is the same as the Vogue women from Lee and Barbara Russell. Since I can't say with any certainty I won't go in to details. Though kudo's to Barbara Russell who does give credit to the artist, Clarice. The eyes are distinct. Three are from Sophia. The smaller two are 72. each and the larger one with the sun hat is on sale for 97. The Lady with the Birds is from Barbara Russell, sale price is 109.


  1. Beautiful - i have a couple of these from Barbara Russell when she had the shop open - this inspires me to finally tackle them. i will note that the artist cannot be Clarice as she died many years ago before Barbara closed the shop (i believe she had cancer) so there must be another artist.

  2. Hi Monica, thanks for opening this topic up since Vogue style women in needlepoint continue in popularity. Yes, Clarice was a philadelphia african american artist who sadly passed away with cancer, not sure perhaps 8 or so years ago? I suggest giving credit to Clarice for all the designs above as I was told toward the end of her career she sold her designs to Theresa Lee of Lee Needlearts, Sophia, and Barbara Russell. (Or maybe she was hired by them for exclusive designs?) All three women are from the Philadelphia area, some of these talented women worked together "way back when" prior to them all having their own individually owned successful businesses. I suspect they all knew Clarice. When Lee Needlearts was in its final days I was told Lee still had some of Clarice's designs that had never been brought into production. Perhaps these were all sold to Colonial Needle and maybe one day be released? I was also told that the more recent Gustaf Klimpt inspired pieces from Lee were actually Clarice designs. I was surprised! I have only been in the needlepoint business for four years so all of this predates me and its only what I've been told by those more seasoned. It sure would be nice if Clarice knew how many stitchers to this day just marvel at her women. I only know what sells for me and wonder if its consistent elsewhere in the country. I'd love to know which ones from BR you have ~ Barbara has some of the more interesting and should I say eccentric "women" as well as one by Clarice that is of a young girl.

  3. i would have to look at the names and go thru them - i have about 165 canvasese hanging in my sewing room to do (a true SABLE!)so i need to refresh my memory- i have what looks like a russian princess woman with a maroon hat and coat with fur, a lady with a blue hat and i also have a couple of Clarice's island ladies canvases - the biggest one being "she sharp up" - i saw it done at Barbara's shop and had to have it - no stitch guide but i have written some of the ideas down from the original... i will pull them and when i come over to Moorestown, i will stop down with them - i will be over on 3-12 - if you will be there, i might stop in if i can get out of the office. and i grew up in philly and lived in chestnut Hill where barbara's shop was but before i was a NP'er. (i was a teenager...)philly folks are very talented!!! especially the women! :-)see ya soon


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