Thursday, February 11, 2010

The many faces of Barbara

Someone asks for a dog canvas of their (purebred) dog and I immediately go to Barbara Russell. Her dogs are some of the best with equally nice backgrounds. Yet there is so much more to her collection than dogs. One thing I believe separates her designs from so many other designers is their integrity. The three below I just received; the first being a new release at the January TNNA show.

I googled Thai Leaf Frog and she has captured it very well (just like her moths). I know my taste doesn't speak for all but this frog is a perfect size to finish into just about anything, the colors are neutral except for that unexpected violet. Since violet and yellow are opposite on the color wheel I think its why it works so well. I imagine one could consider another jewel tone color if they just couldn't handle the violet. I like it also because it reminds me of all the many under appreciated wonders of the animal kingdom, or amphibian to be exact. My Self with a Peacock Feather is another gem. Here's someone who's comfortable being who they are and proud of it! Who over 45 wouldn't want to wear a pair of pink patent leather platform heels some day? For being rather pear shaped she still has nice slender ankles. Lots of thread options on this piece and priced really well at $89. Lastly is Archangel Gabriel. I think I want to stitch this piece just to stare into his eyes for the duration. I have seen this piece completed, wrapped on a padded board and mounted onto a piece of green slate. Its a special, contemplative piece of art. Makes me think Splendor thread with a subtle inclusion of bijoux here and there.

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