Friday, January 29, 2010

New Threads for 2010

Received the new Kreiniks and two of the new Silk Lame Braid's. I didn't expect the black in the lame braid, but its been such a popular thread for my shop that I like to have them all. I'm really curious to see what it looks like when its stitched up. Paired it up with this Mindy piece, I think they could both work very well with Mindy's pieces. fyi, I have a Mindy trunk show in March. 20% off all Mindy canvas's and including threads for any purchased piece.

How about some color! This fishie caught my eye as its reasonably priced and on 13 ct. First I looked at pairing it up with DMC variations perle, but when I remembered the new halographic Kreiniks it was even better. If you like color check out other Zecca canvas's at


  1. and there is a darning pattern of little fishies shaped just like this that could be used for the white background and look like a faint school of fish he is traveling thru! how wonderful -

  2. Monica, thanks for a great idea. I love open backgrounds and to have it be fishes! It doesn't get better. I have a small Patty Paint mermaid a customer is waiting to pick up and I'm going to suggest this to him for a background stitch; but it won't work as nicely as on this piece from Zecca. Thanks for commenting!


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