Friday, January 29, 2010

New Threads for 2010

Received the new Kreiniks and two of the new Silk Lame Braid's. I didn't expect the black in the lame braid, but its been such a popular thread for my shop that I like to have them all. I'm really curious to see what it looks like when its stitched up. Paired it up with this Mindy piece, I think they could both work very well with Mindy's pieces. fyi, I have a Mindy trunk show in March. 20% off all Mindy canvas's and including threads for any purchased piece.

How about some color! This fishie caught my eye as its reasonably priced and on 13 ct. First I looked at pairing it up with DMC variations perle, but when I remembered the new halographic Kreiniks it was even better. If you like color check out other Zecca canvas's at

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green is the Word

Socially conscience cross stitch. Its shown here as one piece but each section is sold individually.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hearts of Many Colors

I'm not a real heart lover but taking a cue from big box retailers it seems only apropos to bring out the hearts. The Cooper Oaks quilt style heart piece is striking if not likeable because of the intense colors. Trust me its more vibrant than it even shows here, painted on 13 count and imagine all stitches that could be used! The Lee bugs are cute desk top decor / paper weights. Even though they don't have one painted red and black I've had a customer do just this for a ladybug collector. Sekas, not sure how many strictly needlepointers know about them as they kind of exist in the counted thread (shhh cross stitch) sector. But they usually if not always call for Caron watercolors (like other counted thread they tell you what threads to use). They could be done on canvas and for cross stitchers who want to give their eyes a break Sekas usually suggests Tula or some kind of large count fabric (hence the use of watercolors). Sekas has a heart for just about every kind holiday/theme. I chose the cupcakes since apparently some marketing guru decided to make cupcakes chic. Charted with different stitches makes interesting to do and they work up nice for gifts framed or as a pillow insert when you want to turn something around quickly. Speaking of gifts, everyone can use a Cheryl Schaffer key fob; nice to stitch when you want to stay busy while having to wait places.

Cooper Oaks


Lee NeedleArts

Cheryl Schaffer

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TNNA Long Beach Show Part II

The new holographic threads by Kreinik. You may want to rethink any sparkly threads your about to stitch until you check them out!

Also new are these handy clips for keeping excess canvas rolled up, much easier than pinning and won't squash your stitching like bankers clips. Yes I know, who doesn't use a frame? I still know many stitchers who don't and they are in love with these clips.

Monday, January 11, 2010

TNNA Long Beach Show

I love going to the shows as its such a great way to get rejuvenated about needlepoint. I went last minute and it was a whirlwind trip. What was new and remarkable? I can't remember, my mind and memory was overloaded but I will share what I can remember, not to say these were show highlights. Kreinik introduced a new holographic thread line in 12 colors. I can't say I know of a thread like it. It sparkles with a rainbow of color (is this what makes it holographic?) each color way is very intense. I placed an order for 8 and 12 braid as well as 1/16" ribbon for the shop to try out (also available in blending filament). Its going to be fun to see what it works best as; stars, ornaments, eyes, anything you want to be super colorful and super shiny.

Next a long awaited online presence, Lee Needlearts now has a website. Alice Peterson introduced a stitch n'zip tallit bags and Kindle covers. Rainbow Gallery added a few more colors to their Silk Lame line.

I took a class with Lauri Walden and learned how to felt onto canvas, a wonderful technique for animals. It easy to shade and contour as I will do more of when I have the whole rabbit complete. It looks better in real life but silk ribbon done in the chain stitch is a nice way to create flowers, I think an overdyed ribbon would even be better. The blue flower petals are a long stitch over french knots, this little bit of padding leaves you with a soft shape. Canvas is by Ann Wheat Pace.