Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lace in Translation

The Design Center at Philadelphia University has received a Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts to create an exhibition entitled: Lace in Translation. Lace in Translation will be the first exhibition produced by The Design Center in conjunction with its new interpretive initiative, The Fabric of Philadelphia. Three contemporary art/design studios, whose works are often inspired by traditional lace imagery, are mining the historic lace collection at The Design Center (TDC) for inspiration. These Dutch and Canadian art/design teams are being commissioned to create new, site-specific works for installation in the Center’s galleries and on its adjoining grounds during the fall and winter of 2009/10.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Attention all Medici lovers

Out of necessity I have done an inventory on what Medici I have left. There were 180 colors in the line and of those I have left everything with the exception of: Blanc and Noir. Pinks & Reds 8818, 816, 8817, 8127, 8126, 8221, 8101. Plums 8113, 8107, 8124. Blues 8800, 8799, 8799, 8209, 8200, navy, 8993. Greens 8426, 8871, 8369, 8413, 8414, 8415, 8346, 8404, 8405. Golden Browns 8328, 8309. Yellows 8027, 8026, 8725, 8845. Mauves 8514, 8105, 8301, 8300, 8842, 8841, 8840, 8839, 8838, 8504, 8501. Taupe & Browns 8512, 8505, 8503, 8502, 8306, 8509, 8508, 8507, 8204, 8877, 8500, Noir. Mostly what I have left are small skeins, with some half and or whole hanks. Aside from needlepoint and cross stitch its a good choice for surface embroidery, hand quilting and punch needle (using the 3 strand needle). Contact me for further info.

Honestly there are many decent substitutes but nothing quite exactly like it. The twist is tighter and finer than Appleton Crewel weight wool, slightly heavier than RG Designers Wool, slightly finer and tighter twist than Bella Lusso. Weight wise it's somewhat comparable to one strand of Gloriana Lorikeet with a little less loft. I suspect that Needle Necessities used medici as a base for their overdyed French Wool. (Not sure if Threadworx has picked up on the wool or not). Skeins remaining are 1.10 each or 10 for 10.00 or 20 for 15.00.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

stiching woodblock prints

This is a new way for stitching to enter popular arts - wood cut block print artist Alec Dempster shows stitching in his Loteria series of prints in the piece El Borado.

translation of the text:

Each puntada reveals an adorned thought.
The magic on the fabric makes arise the embroidering.
Arturo Castillo Tristán