Thursday, August 27, 2009

Charlie Harper, Lee Needle Arts

I'm already beginning to forget who I've told but the current status of Lee Needle Art's is production started again in preparation for the new owner. Anything you thought was gone forever, now's your second chance!
For nature lovers and retro fans alike there are many Charlie Harper canvas's available. Have a favorite one from him, ask and maybe its available as a needlepoint canvas. Here are two I have in stock. Petunia's in Peril is on 18 and Double Lucky is on 13. Most all of his canvas's very well for different stitches because of the large areas of color. However I think the graphic success and excellent use of color is what makes these pieces what they are without feeling the need to do more. To date I'm not sure there is a source online showing the entire Harper line.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back into the swing!

Slowly I am getting back in to full swing at the shop again. Away for 11 days in Denmark chaperoning teens on a mission trip sure put my head in place very far removed from stitching. Here are a few canvases that came in recently. If you like historic homes and or lighthouses Needlecrossings has many many nice ones. As well as some shore birds and other seaside activities ie. sailing, beach going etc.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tree Huggers Rejoice!

A new chart in the shop which will go somewhere in my stack of "want to do while I can still see". I have always loved trees and think anyone else who does will agree this is lovely. If too intimidating certainly there are so many things that could be extracted and used separately for bookmarks, greeting cards, towels, or one better yet stitch on linen banding and make a self finish-able bellpull / wall hanging. I love just trying to isolate out all the critters too!

New Kits

These are some new silk ribbon kits including painstakingly hand drawn canvases by Terry Dryden. Kits are by RIver Silks, who always do everything with the utmost kindness and professionalism. Kits come with extensive stitch guides, practice canvas and plenty of ribbon to complete each piece. They are 5" x 5" and are two in a series of four florals. A great way to get a taste for working with silk ribbon. You'll amaze yourself with how easy and forgiving stitching with ribbon is. If I receive enough interest I'd love to do one of these as a class.