Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's Shaded and then There's Varigated

I very much want to add a complete line of threads that are shaded and possibly varigated too. By shaded I mean tones within a like color/s and varigated I mean unexpected colors all within one skein. While I do have a full line of Weeks dye Works and Gentle Arts hand dyed floss as well as lots of Cresent colours these are not available in color families which I think is to their disadvantage when doing painted canvas's. So I'd love to know what all you would like to see available. I'm leaning towards a floss because of its versatility but there are so many other choices too. Please send me an email or give me a call if you have opinions! I'm thinking of: Gloriana silk floss, Gumnut Stars, Threadworx, Soy Lustre... If I had my 'drothers I'd like one with a moderate price point yet I know this may not yield the best in color. Think about it......and let me know your thoughts.
FYI Nora Corbett's alphabet is now through letter "R".
Looking for any Lee? Call me. I have some items and can always see if what your looking for is still available.

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