Monday, June 15, 2009

Lee Needle Arts

Lee Needle Arts is closing their doors. Its very sad to see one of the most well loved needlepoint companies close. If there's anything you've thought about stitching from their vast collection now is the time while their inventory is at its best. There are so many things that stand out in their line aside from their well made leather accessories of small purses, totes, jewelry boxes, wallets and id tags. Faberge eggs, kimono's, floral monograms, floral pillows, Judaic, Clarice women, etc etc. All of the canvas's I have in stock for their leather items are now 50% off. Check back again, if Lee drops their prices I'll pass on the savings. Its especially sad for me as Lee is located nearly around the corner from my home and in the past three years I've made it a routine to pick up my orders and have come to know the people who work so hard and with great care to make them a pleasure to do business with. May they know the many stitchers who each have a favorite Lee piece and find new joy and satisfaction in what they each pursue.

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