Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lee Needle Arts 2

Just received back another Faberge egg by Lee. I have about 6 more egg canvases with stands if anyones interested. I also have one of the wisteria kimono's and one of the Jersalem talis bags. My way of reminding stitchers Lee is really closing. If you need anything I'll do my best to pick it up for you. In addition I have many other Lee items in my shop. Eventually I'd like to get my inventory posted but in the meantime please send me an email with any questions. All Lee inserts are 50% off. Remaining canvases are 20% off. As something funny (well I think so) So after yet another death notice of Lee I'll leave you with something that made me chuckle from a very charming blog Spinster Stitcher. She writes: "Stitching this weekend is going to be dedicated to finishing my bargello piece. After three years of languishing in the WIP box, I figure it's time to get this one done and into the FUPPY box (you know the one...finished but unfinished projects)." FUPPY box is a new term for me. I wonder which stitchy box of mine is deeper the WIP's or the FUPPY's.

Faberge egg

Wisteria Kimono, stitch guide by Ruth Dilts available.

Jersalem tallis, suitable for framing.

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