Friday, June 26, 2009

Indie crafts

A well established stitcher mentioned indie crafts in an email and I thought, hmm what is that? Just another occasion where it can hurt to get old and not know the everyday lingo of a younger generation. I googled it and indie is all over, but WHAT is it? My best guess is independent do-it-yourself crafter. If I'm correct please everyone let me know. If I am correct then I think I have a pretty good idea what it is. I think of it as social commentary, graffiti, sometime crude craft/art using a threaded needle. My husband the modernist is always sending me links of things like this and I say, wow I don't get people doing this kind of stitching coming in my shop. So here is my open invitation for all indie crafters to come in and educate me and hopefully buy some cool stuff for your next project. It takes someone with imagination to see the potential in threads. I have to say most what I see (if I'm right about what an indie craft is) in these hip pieces is the use of DMC floss and even dare I say aida cloth. I think its because they go to the big box stores and this is all they have to offer. Calling all indie crafters go to your local LNS and see what other stitching addicts use ~ I don't think you'll believe the scope of materials available that can be threaded through a needle. And what to stitch on? I've ranted long enough but let me say there's a wealth of options out there waiting to be recognized by the young crafters. Young in age, not in mind-set cause lets face it we all want to think we're still young myself included.

Open Source Embroidery as seen in Geeky mag.

MRI knee, Becky Stern

Snake from Metal Gear Solid. stitched by Julia / Sprite Stitch

Luigi from Mario by Sprite Stitch

Frog night light by Becky Stern

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