Friday, June 26, 2009

Orange is IN

Silk & Ivory has introduced 4 new colors all in one family. Gorgeous oranges. From lightest to darkest. Banana, Clementine, Quince & Marmalade

Julie Mar Nasturtiums

Lee Needlearts Orange Topiary (I have the lemon topiary too)

Indie crafts

A well established stitcher mentioned indie crafts in an email and I thought, hmm what is that? Just another occasion where it can hurt to get old and not know the everyday lingo of a younger generation. I googled it and indie is all over, but WHAT is it? My best guess is independent do-it-yourself crafter. If I'm correct please everyone let me know. If I am correct then I think I have a pretty good idea what it is. I think of it as social commentary, graffiti, sometime crude craft/art using a threaded needle. My husband the modernist is always sending me links of things like this and I say, wow I don't get people doing this kind of stitching coming in my shop. So here is my open invitation for all indie crafters to come in and educate me and hopefully buy some cool stuff for your next project. It takes someone with imagination to see the potential in threads. I have to say most what I see (if I'm right about what an indie craft is) in these hip pieces is the use of DMC floss and even dare I say aida cloth. I think its because they go to the big box stores and this is all they have to offer. Calling all indie crafters go to your local LNS and see what other stitching addicts use ~ I don't think you'll believe the scope of materials available that can be threaded through a needle. And what to stitch on? I've ranted long enough but let me say there's a wealth of options out there waiting to be recognized by the young crafters. Young in age, not in mind-set cause lets face it we all want to think we're still young myself included.

Open Source Embroidery as seen in Geeky mag.

MRI knee, Becky Stern

Snake from Metal Gear Solid. stitched by Julia / Sprite Stitch

Luigi from Mario by Sprite Stitch

Frog night light by Becky Stern

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lee Needle Arts 2

Just received back another Faberge egg by Lee. I have about 6 more egg canvases with stands if anyones interested. I also have one of the wisteria kimono's and one of the Jersalem talis bags. My way of reminding stitchers Lee is really closing. If you need anything I'll do my best to pick it up for you. In addition I have many other Lee items in my shop. Eventually I'd like to get my inventory posted but in the meantime please send me an email with any questions. All Lee inserts are 50% off. Remaining canvases are 20% off. As something funny (well I think so) So after yet another death notice of Lee I'll leave you with something that made me chuckle from a very charming blog Spinster Stitcher. She writes: "Stitching this weekend is going to be dedicated to finishing my bargello piece. After three years of languishing in the WIP box, I figure it's time to get this one done and into the FUPPY box (you know the one...finished but unfinished projects)." FUPPY box is a new term for me. I wonder which stitchy box of mine is deeper the WIP's or the FUPPY's.

Faberge egg

Wisteria Kimono, stitch guide by Ruth Dilts available.

Jersalem tallis, suitable for framing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Animal House

so am I showing my age? Wanting to stitch a fraternity or sorority canvas for yourself or a gift? Betsy B. has plenty of possibilities. The crests are handsome and interesting and the ornaments are a quick stitch. and there's belts, pillows, coasters and more. Happy to order and though I don't know for sure she may be willing to do a standard design on a customer size canvas / background. While at Drexel I was only an occasional participant of Greek life so the selections below are completely random with no intentional affiliation. Party on.....

Betsy B Originals

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lee Needle Arts

Lee Needle Arts is closing their doors. Its very sad to see one of the most well loved needlepoint companies close. If there's anything you've thought about stitching from their vast collection now is the time while their inventory is at its best. There are so many things that stand out in their line aside from their well made leather accessories of small purses, totes, jewelry boxes, wallets and id tags. Faberge eggs, kimono's, floral monograms, floral pillows, Judaic, Clarice women, etc etc. All of the canvas's I have in stock for their leather items are now 50% off. Check back again, if Lee drops their prices I'll pass on the savings. Its especially sad for me as Lee is located nearly around the corner from my home and in the past three years I've made it a routine to pick up my orders and have come to know the people who work so hard and with great care to make them a pleasure to do business with. May they know the many stitchers who each have a favorite Lee piece and find new joy and satisfaction in what they each pursue.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Hours including Thursday evenings!

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11 - 5.  
Thursday 11- 7 
Monday and Tuesday by Appointment *
Sunday closed
* more than likely I will be at home working, blocking, bookkeeping, taking care of finishing and special requests.  Its not an inconvenience to meet you.    

Ah Domestic Bliss

Birds of a Feather butterfly canvas

Ah Domestic Bliss! Doesn't this describe just about everyone's home?  Well even if we just like to pretend I have two new cross stitch charts to celebrate this state of mind.  From the Sampler Girl Jane Austen series. "Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness" Jane Austen October 1815.  And a new one from the Cricket Collection featuring aprons from a bygone era.  Also the popular Nora Corbett Fairy Alphabet is now available from A - O. When I remember how to disengage the flash on my camera I will send pics from charts.  Otherwise the reflection is blinding!  
Thank you to all who made the trunk show from Elements and Bongo a success.  For upcoming shows check out  AND  if you visit click on "Shop Blog".  I try to post things once a week, new product, things of interest for Stitchers, new items back from finishers etc.
Need a project for vacation or sitting by the pool?  Remember new hours including Thursday evenings.  Running late one day? call ahead and I'm happy to stay open for you.
Have a safe and fun filled June.