Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's new?

Back from the Finishers

Pillow of Happiness! Canvas by Birds of a Feather stitched in Silk 'n Ivory

Cosmo wallhanging. Stitched in Vineyard Silk, Krienik and Gloriana Silk Ribbon

Snow Geese wallhanging. Kit by Elizabeth Bradley stitched in Elizabeth Bradley wool. Did you know all Elizabeth Bradley's are only available as kits including her ever so soft wool and are recommended to be stitched using a cross stitch. By doing the cross stitch it offers maximum coverage with a very dense face. Ideal for footstools and chair seats.

Shaped tabby cat stand-up by Dragon Tales. The finishing for this was done by the customer. A very fine job! What isn't shown here is this is a 3 sided piece. Needlepointed on the back, as well as underneath! From underneath it shows the bottoms of the paws, so adorable and unique.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Silk Sculpture at Treenway Silks

Found this on thread manufacturer Treenway Silks gallery. Each side of each pyramid is handwoven from Bombyx silk. Looking at this I can imagine each side being executed in canvas work, either 18 count or congress cloth) or each side stitched in different blackwork filling stitches. Bombyx silk is the Latin name of the silk producing caterpillar that feeds on mulberry (morus alba) leaves. Its cocoon is the source of fine, white silk. It is reared throughout Asia.

Margaret Humphries, Dallas, Texas, Split Decision
We were delighted to see this piece of Margaret's, as we most often see scarves.
A passion for texture drew me to weaving fourteen years ago. This began a journey that has taken me into the world of color and dyeing. I have always gravitated toward fibres that catch the light to create another dimension to the woven cloth and Bombyx silk is the perfect fibre for this. Most of the time I weave scarves and shawls, but as I am sitting at my loom, my mind is wandering to other forms. Weaving for sculptural forms is a natural extension of the appeal of light and shadow on colour and texture.
Split Decision is created from two pyramids that are hinged together to show the opening between the two parts. Each facet of each pyramid is cut from styrofoam and covered with hand-dyed, handwoven Bombyx silk in a variety of weave structures. It is 10" x 11" x 8" and sits on a wooden post.

See it at Treenway Silks site.

Great reviews for the Nimble Needle at Insiderpages

What a great place for a crafter to go. If you like any needle art, this is a great place.
I hadn't been in the Nimble Needle in several years, and I went in recently while visiting Moorestown. What a change! The new owner is friendly, knowledgeable, and charming.
Several of our customers have written glowing reviews over at online business directory If you've come to our shop and liked our service why not add your endorsement?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Nimble Needle class spawns award winning work

Our customer Arlene Spector received an Honorable Mention at the Woodlawn Plantation Exhibition during the month of March for her execution of her original design of the “Fig”. This piece was taught in a class by Karen who prepared the stitch guide for the original design. The piece was based on Arlene's line drawing, and Karen picked threads and planned out stitches to bring texture and detail to the work done on 13 count canvas. Challenges included working the unpainted canvas for full coverage, and creating detail in the stitch work demanded by the larger count canvas. Here is Karen's finished piece. Note that Karen's guide renders the figs in a just turning ripe state, with the color ranging from green to purple where as Arlene has done hers in an all purple state.

The Woodlawn Plantation is a National Historic Trust Site which was originally part of Washington's Mt. Vernon (photo above). Each year they host a juried needlework exhibition.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shop News: Trunk Show is up and continuing

The Elements and Bongo trunk show is on! Make sure you stop by to see these great canvases.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Karen Stitches

Caught her working, on a small piece set in a zippered leather bag from Boots Bailey.