Thursday, April 23, 2009

Needlepoint Pendant

I think these are so cool. It moves needlepoint into a whole other realm. The canvas comes with a stitch guide and mandarin floss. I went back in and added a few other threads and some bijoux for added definition and a little sparkle. The canvas for the pendent is bought including finishing costs upfront, do two and save. Stitch one up, send it off and in about 2 weeks it comes back to you in a gift box. It isn't cheap but neither is the quality of the finishing. Only to be compared to something you would find in a gallery or very high end craft show. Its' also possible to have it gold plated. Cufflinks and earrings are also an option and are about 1/4 the size.


  1. Hi. Here's what I have confirmed about 2 months or so ago. FAS was the name on the kits. They were produced by Fred Slautterback from Chapman Gallery. Phone number is 831 626 1766. They no longer make the kits but continue to do the finishing. The kits were nothing special, its all in the finishing (well and stitching/threads too). What is critical is that you send him a stitched canvas that if done on 18 count is 25 stitches by 25 stitches. Or rectangular is an option: 16 stitches by 25 stitches. Provide an inch or so of unstitched canvas on all four sides. I think this could also be incredible if done on congress cloth or even silk gauze (revise size accordingly). Before you stitch anything you may want to contact him to make sure they can do it. They will provide the leather necklace part with a nice friction clasp, very handsome all the way around. Finishing is 75.00 Too let you know that your not missing much by the kits not available they were small canvas pieces outlined with a geometric pattern and kitted with lots and lots and lots more of mandarin floss. and a mailing envelop to send it all back to them. The majority of the patterns were either mini-quilt like or Modrian like with suggested color palettes. It did not include the "frame" or anything else. I still have a "kit" that was to be sent in to be made into cufflinks or earrings. I always thought it would make a really unusual set of cufflinks but I have not thought to call him to see if they still have the cufflink "frames". Great gift I think for anyone who has to wear a tux, musician or CEO. Earrings appeared to be heavy. I just wore this piece at the Long Beach Show and it got many positive comments. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Perhaps I should have mentioned Chapman Gallery is located in Carmel Ca. depending on where you are I suppose you could go to the gallery and do the transaction in person. I've only driven through Carmel once and it was fantastic. I envy anyone who lives in this region!


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