Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shop News: New Trunk Show

Check out the website to learn about the current trunk show going on for Elements and Bongo.  (see below) What else is happening?  Some days too much!  The shop regulars are used to the daily chaos of keeping everything moving along.  Aside from the trunk show new things continue to come in.  In April canvas's have come in from (going from memory) Lillian Chermor (no one has color like Lillian), Julie Mar, Lee NeedleArts, and a few from The  Point of It All, Melissa Shirley, and A Dragon's Tale.  And new cross stitch charts too.  some funny ones from Raise the Roof and the new Winter White Santa from Nora Corbett.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cats, Cats, Cats

To all the cat lovers, 4 new canvas's.

Just an interesting one. Perfect for a frame weight and using up some left over threads. A good one for using up all types of textures and fibers. From Bongo.

A little princess. Stitch the front and back finish into a sleeping stand-up. Its about 7 inches wide. The collar and crown really are asking for some heat set swarvoski crystals.

Delft cats by Lillian Chermor.

Cheetahs by Lillian Chermor. This one is so great, the colors are electric in real life. She paints in oils, I don't think her colors are achievable using acrylic paints. Ok, so they look a little like giraffes too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Needlepoint Pendant

I think these are so cool. It moves needlepoint into a whole other realm. The canvas comes with a stitch guide and mandarin floss. I went back in and added a few other threads and some bijoux for added definition and a little sparkle. The canvas for the pendent is bought including finishing costs upfront, do two and save. Stitch one up, send it off and in about 2 weeks it comes back to you in a gift box. It isn't cheap but neither is the quality of the finishing. Only to be compared to something you would find in a gallery or very high end craft show. Its' also possible to have it gold plated. Cufflinks and earrings are also an option and are about 1/4 the size.