Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cuff Bracelet, canvas by Le Espirit d' France

Many designers offer bracelet canvases. Most can be finished as a cuff, or a few as a bangle. They make great small projects and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Upcoming Trunk Show for June 2009: Designs by Sally Corey

Leaf Quadrant Sally's website is . Sally's designs run the gamut of all different styles drawing from her background in art. The one big consistency from her is ease in stitching. Little to no shading in any of her designs and all on 13, 12 and even 10 count. Developing her own line of designs is new but she's no newcomer to needlepoint. She has written two books on the craft each filled with numerous designs of hers.

Japanese Motifs for Needlepoint, a Literary Guild feature (William Morrow, New York), Winner of American Needlepoint Guild's annual Literary Award.

Weaving Designs for Needlepoint, a Book-of-the-Month Club alternate (William Morrow, New York).

a big sigh of relief

We can all breath a big sigh of relief as Brown Paper Packages has told me they are no longer using any type of mothproofing as too many were a bit squeamish about it. Way to go. Better for us and better for the environment through the processing phase.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mothproofing in your threads

After posting kudo's on Feb 27th to DMC for manufacturing in accordance with Oeko-Tex 100 I have since noticed that Silk & Ivory by Brown Paper Packages now includes on their tags that their product is Mothproofed using Mitin FF. Hmm, what's that? The following is taken directly from an interview posted on   

"....... the chemical used to mothproof wool, Mitin FF, is added to the yarn in the dye bath at the same time as any coloring that is being added to the yarn. The mothproofing agent adheres to the yarn in a similar way as the dye does.
This means that like dye, the chemical will not rub off or wash off in normal cleaning or dry cleaning. Mitin FF is a pesticide that works by killing the moth larvae when the ingest and digest the wool protein, which means if you do ever get moths in your stash, they won't be able to do a lot of damage.
But if the chemical kills moths, what can it do to humans? Wells said Mitin FF is relatively harmless if not ingested, and the federal government agrees (whew, now I feel much better knowing our government agree's. Oh but wait a minute didn't they also approve DDT and Saccharin?) Mitin FF has been used as a pesticide in the United States since 1948 and is used exclusively by the textile industry for mothproofing wool. Laboratory tests have found the chemical to be "low to moderately toxic" and to have "low mammalian toxicity."
While there's no danger from using mothproofed wool, some people prefer not to use yarn with extra chemicals. For those people, a whole new world of organic wools and cottons are coming to the marketplace, allowing you to create without the chemicals."

More information can be read at: Now I'm curious what other wools used in needlepoint have also been treated with Mitin FF. I let you know what I learn. I'm glad there are other threads available these days that may be less harmful. "May" is the critical term.

Back from the finisher!

Mezuzah in acrylic case by Aviva and Lee NeedleArt leather wristlets complete with canvas's by Lee too.

Le Espirit de France cuff bracelet. Trebizond, Splendor, Silk Ribbon, Soy Lustre, Vineyard Shimmer, Very Velvet and hot melt swavorski crystals made it a pleasure to stitch. Finishing by Stitch 'n Leather.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New in the shop, March 2009

Mermaids !
from Melissa Shirley:

and these from Patty Paints:
For those who prefer a little modesty I've included some very fun(ny) buttons for covering up. One with scallop shell buttons and the other comes with orange fishies just like in the canvas. (buttons by Just Another Button Co.)

New cross stitch too:
Mermaid tapestry by Sharon Cohen. 4 x 6 on 32 ct. also by Sharon Cohen are two lovely needlebooks in the shape of hats. Elizabethan Coif and

Le coup de vent by Anagram. A perfect spring piece for those who like stylized women. Stitch count 125 x 175.

Chante, Rossignol Chante.... by Reflets de Soie stitch count 201 x 201. For those feeling pinched by the economy this would be a lovely piece to do as a counted needlepoint piece. It is charted using only 1 color for the design (something hand dyed would be nice) and a neutral for the background.

Not new, but new for the Nimble Needle is Tobasco by Long Dog. Exceptional colors for those who like a bright palette.

Lastly a real beauty for those who like BIG projects. Rhapsody in Red Ribbon Sampler by Sampler Cove of Thailand. 341 stitches square. Charted for two lovely hand dyed silks by Gloriana, both in the red family, though any two colors will work.

And there's more. New charts from Rouge de Rhine, Bleu de Chine, Little House Needleworks, Workbasket and more.

Monday, March 2, 2009

beautiful work by our customers

Some photos of work recently completed by some of our customers:

This Kelly Clark canvas was made into a pillow:

And this lady bug from the Patti Mann canvas: