Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Show and Tell, a few finished items for inspiration and admiration

Enjoy taking a peek at some of the recent items received.  I really like the 3 dimension of the bell below.

PEACE bell by Susan Roberts

Silver Needle Rome, finishing as an ornament
with music too!

Owl stocking by Lee Needlearts

Petite angel by Painted Pony

Manatee by Gayla

Flamingo by Gayla

Kneeling angel by Tapestry Tent

Rabbit portrait by Tapestry Tent

Hand sewn wool felt doll, Mama Kanga and baby

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas canvases, New and "different"

Toy Shop Christmas Stocking by Rebecca Wood
 New is the stocking above by Rebecca Wood.  New for 2014 and just the epitome of a toy shop for any young boy or girl.  A great price for the season at $390.

And now on to the different, with many christmas items seeming the same I thought I'd select a few that have a different twist to them but are still festive and heart warming.  Click on each link for further details or to purchase.  All are in stock and can ship in time to arrive before the 25th.

Gingerbread Heart by Raymond Crawford
How many of us wouldn't want a gift in a robin's egg blue box?  Threads include a nice blend of heather wool, silks and sparkle to give some emphasis of the gift box.  Ooohhh the anticipation!
A gift from Tiffany & Co.

 This Santa reminds me of those roly poly toys for children that contain a bell inside.
Santa by Carol Dupres

Elegant and lovely by Joy.  Could be a nice pouf pillow, round box top or wall hanging.

Joy Juarez Circle of Joy

A bit unusual, a bit fun.  It just wants to be a very special slipper, who says all stockings have to be the same shape?  Or it could be an open stand up for cards or decoration.  No fussy shading for those who like to do continental or basket weave.
Peter Ashe Christmas slipper
Well known on the east coast and familiar in certain communities, a Moravian Star.  By Barbara Russell on 13 count, also available on 18 count with a slightly smaller overall size.
Moravian Star 13 ct

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More winter holiday stitching, Chanukah December 16th - 24th

Elizabeth Turner 6" Hanukkah canvas $65.
Sudberry Oak box
Hannukah a festival of lights begins one week before Christmas this year.  The canvases by both Elizabeth Turner and Melissa Shirley are a terrific size for finishing into a stand up, wall hanging, box top (for storing candles) or pillow insert.  Available with or without thread kits.

Hanukkah canvas and thread kit

Melissa Shirley Menorah, sale price
Sudberry Oak box

Melissa Shirley canvas and thread kit
For keeping track of your scissor Puffin and Co. offers a mix metal scissor fob.  Shown with a black cord but navy, pale pink and pale blue cords/leashes are also available.
Puffin and Co. Star scissor fob with black cord
Star scissor fob with pink cord
Star scissor fob with pale blue cord
Star scissor fob with navy cord
 Super Duper strong needle minder.  Stronger than any of the competition.
Puffin and Co. Dreidel needleminder 14.

Anxious to get this post up I forgot to take a picture of the actual canvas, but will do.  Appropriate to the post and brand new in the shop.  Painted on 18 count.  Colors are quiet but can be changed to be more vibrant.

Susan Roberts Window Dreidel, sorry forgot to take a picture of the canvas 92.00

Happy Chanukah!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mole Woodland Animal mini stocking by Melissa Shirley

Just too adorable for any animal lover.  Woodland animals excited and prepared to ring in the Christmas Season.  Each is 4" x 5 1/2".  Reduced to $65. Click on the caption to purchase!  Only the mole is left, sorry.  Though isn't he so sweet?

Woodland Mole mini stocking 

SOLDWoodland Beaver mini stockingSOLD

SOLD Woodland Hedgehog mini stocking SOLD

SOLDWoodland Mouse mini stockingSOLD

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Specials, 25% reductions on in stock stockings!

In keeping with modern traditions we all like to find a special mark down for Black Friday.  Enjoy 25% off on in stock, full size stockings.

Melissa Shirley Wildwood Angel stocking

Melissa Shirley plaid Table Top stocking

Melissa Shirley Peace and Pine stocking by Debbie Mumm

Lee Needlearts Colonial Williamsburg stocking

This lovely patterned stocking by Whimsy & Grace is a full size stocking, full size by 1960's standards. Today its considered to be mid-size.  When did needlepoint stockings become so big?  I get many requests for stockings closer to 15" in length. We need more options, don't you agree? 

Whimsy and Grace Damask stocking kit
to purchase the stocking only:

Barbara Russell Poinsettia stocking

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Mitten kits

Few can resist how adorable these mittens are.  Back in stock for Baby's First christmas but also for cat lovers and snowmen fan's too.  

Baby's First kit

The kitten pair includes a stitch guide.  Though I have to admit I changed some things around.  I didn't quite get the shamrock?  So instead the kit includes to gold charms to hang from the collar if you stitch over the clover.  Or if you prefer you can stitch on a tiny bell on the collar with or without the shamrock.  Festive green ribbon for the collar and white beads to add at the cuff if you wish to have them be more fancy.
Kitten Kit

 So since the kittens were special, what to do with the snowmen?  Kit includes tiny snowflake sequins by The Collection.  You can see them laid out on the mitten on the left side, how cute is this?

Snowmen mitten kit

Sunday, November 23, 2014

For those who like to play and manipulate

Ensemble de Soie Red

Do you like to play?  Are you fussy about how a texture is perceived or get frustrated when one element of you design doesn't read differently enough from another part such as in flower petals or the folds in a dress?  Access Commodities has put together perfect kits that allow you to change a color so it has a sheen, has a sparkle, has a glint, has a fuzziness, is smooth, smoother or smoothest such as in Silk Ovale which is a flat silk offering thee most shine from a silk thread.

Available in several palettes with more to come.  I invite you to come and play, or just to admire.

Ensemble de Soie Amethyst

Essemble de Soie Arborvitae

Ensemble de Soie Brass  SOLD

Ensemble de Soie