Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Mitten kits

Few can resist how adorable these mittens are.  Back in stock for Baby's First christmas but also for cat lovers and snowmen fan's too.  

Baby's First kit

The kitten pair includes a stitch guide.  Though I have to admit I changed some things around.  I didn't quite get the shamrock?  So instead the kit includes to gold charms to hang from the collar if you stitch over the clover.  Or if you prefer you can stitch on a tiny bell on the collar with or without the shamrock.  Festive green ribbon for the collar and white beads to add at the cuff if you wish to have them be more fancy.
Kitten Kit

 So since the kittens were special, what to do with the snowmen?  Kit includes tiny snowflake sequins by The Collection.  You can see them laid out on the mitten on the left side, how cute is this?

Snowmen mitten kit

Sunday, November 23, 2014

For those who like to play and manipulate

Ensemble de Soie Red

Do you like to play?  Are you fussy about how a texture is perceived or get frustrated when one element of you design doesn't read differently enough from another part such as in flower petals or the folds in a dress?  Access Commodities has put together perfect kits that allow you to change a color so it has a sheen, has a sparkle, has a glint, has a fuzziness, is smooth, smoother or smoothest such as in Silk Ovale which is a flat silk offering thee most shine from a silk thread.

Available in several palettes with more to come.  I invite you to come and play, or just to admire.

Ensemble de Soie Amethyst

Essemble de Soie Arborvitae

Ensemble de Soie Brass  SOLD

Ensemble de Soie

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gifts you can Stitch and finish yourself

Rose Bloom Jewelry Case kit $112.
Creative Needle offers lovely jewelry cases of heirloom quality.  Each case measures just over 5" in diameter and just under 3" in height.  Completely lined in matching moire, and includes padding and moire covered round to slip stitch in place covering the back of the stitching.  Very nicely made right here in the United States.  Unlike other needlework jewelry cases these are made to last, without glue or animal by-products (leather) or vinyl.

Rose tassel Jewelry case with Silk threads $150.
* price includes two blue silks though not shown.  Each tassel uses two different silks for shading and a silk lame braid for the palest value.

Rose Jewelry Case with silk and cotton thread kit $128.

Orange Tulip Jewelry Case kit $130.

Blue Willow Jewelry Case $112.

Each case is also available without thread kit!  Cases alone are $92.00.  The cases are also available with an unpainted canvas for those who wish to design their own, try a 4 way bargello pattern or monogram.  Plain boxes are $80.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A few Finished Ornaments

The Christmas finishing is picking up its pace. Two flamingo ornaments by Squigee and 3 adorable sweater ornaments by Stitch-its.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Jersey Needlefest and a few finished items

Yesterday was the annual autumn New Jersey Needlefest hosted and coordinated in full style by Susan Hoekstra.  My husband came along as cashier and photographer.  He thought this panorama was really cool, me hmmm not so sure.  Yes I know I should have been taking pictures but I'm more live in the moment than document and not look at again.  It was a really good day and Susan created an atmosphere of unsurpassed camaraderie.  Missed it this time? look for the next one in April I believe.

that's me across the room as a group from Bergen County were all doing this unbelievable counted canvas work piece by Threedles, each to their own color choices.  Skill, attention and dedication not capable of many yet to see a whole group of them!  For example the chart included Jessica's done on 18 count in Flair, that will separate the men from the boys.

Not interested in looking at a room of middle aged women?  Here's some items that have recently come back from various finishers.

Heart candy box, design by SharonG

Stocking design by Susan Roberts

Awesome stand up Santa by ??

 Santa is posing in front a stocking by Liz Dillon (Tapestry Tent)
Santa's back
Sheep by Brenda Stofft
Custom design tallis bag front

Custom design tallis bag back
beautiful sentiments, machine embroidered

Scissor Case by Elizabeth Turner, canvas behind by Sandra Gilmore
Cute as a button, Kangaroo kit by Cynthia Treen, other critter kits available 

Monday, November 3, 2014


Snowmen are one of those many things that have collectors out there, and can be enjoyed through out the winter season and not just for Christmas.
Rebecca Wood dimensional snowman kit
 Threads include Caron snow for body along with neon rays plus for shading.  Or you can do an open stitch and let the shading come through.  Velvet jacket with Kreinik braid for trim.  Neon Rays for smooth satin hat and Burmilana for a warm scarf and mittens.

Sandra Gilmore snowman couple $48.

Julie Mar smiling snowman

Rebecca Wood Snowman with sparrow

Rebecca Wood Girlie snowman in Plum ensemble with muff

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Quick stitch for gift giving

Fleur de Lis fob, completed
Yes, they make a nice gift and they are a great very small portable project to take when you just might have down moment to do a bit of stitching.  Fobs are 42. and in most cases can be completed using your stash.  Leather and hardware is excellent quality.  Stitch and snap closed.  You might want to put a light coat of rice glue or a circle of interfacing, ultrasuede or felt to cover the back of the stitching.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Silk Thread Kits Silk Chenilles

AVS Red Silk Thread Kit $36.
Sometimes your stitching something black, but what kind of black is it?  Should it have a sheen and yet that just doesn't cut it.  Hmmm maybe if I add a little shimmer that will be better.  Or stitching white flowers and yet all the white flowers can't be the same as the next or the bouquet will look like a mass instead of individual flowers.  So maybe you need to manipulate each of the whites.  Thats where these kits assembled by Access Commodities come in handy.  Here are few with more colors available.

AVS Black Silk Thread Kit $38.

AVS Silver Silk Thread Kit $28. SOLD

AVS White Thread Silk Kit $34. SOLD
 What got me to getting around to posting these kits is the recent post online about silk chenilles.  While ago I got in the black and the fabulous color Halloween Green silk chenilles for Halloween stitching.  Then the kits from AVS came in along with a sample of silk chenille by Au Ver a Soie.  The two are quite different. The top green one is by AVS.  Its very round, and very stout.  The silk threads strand up firm sort of like the way a mohair velvet would.  The silk chenilles by Gloriana are very soft and more ribbon like.  I would use both for embellishment / couching on canvas although Gloriana's label includes to stitch with too.  Haven't tried it but I'm not sure it would hold up well after a few passes through the canvas.  AVS chenille would be too thick, more like trying to stitch with a pipe cleaner!  When I spoke the ever knowledgeable Lamora at Access she said that the AVS chenille is made for embroidery purposes while other manufacturers use a knitting grade chenille.  All of the kits above include 3 yards of silk chenille.  I do have a kit in cream; however the cream kit  doesn't include a chenille.
Au Ver a Soie & Gloriana silk chenille

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sharing a bit of Joy Juarez

I happen to love these dutch wooden shoes, or klompen as they are known. Canvas is by Joy Juarez who's canvases have so much feeling and atmosphere to them. Canvas is hand painted on 18 count, and about 6" diameter, $74.00. With threads as shown $139.00.  SOLD
Dutch Wooden Shoes $74. 18 count by Joy Juarez 

Thread kit includes: Burmilana, Oriental Linen, Gloriana 12 ply silk, Splendor silk, Threadworx overdyed metallic and 6 ply cotton floss, Silk lame braid, Trebizond silks, Pepperpot silks, Gentle Arts overdyed floss and for the background plant based dyed lambswool in shades of indigo by Renaissance Dyeing.
With threads, $139.00
Doing my homework on dutch shoes it wasn't uncommon for them to be painted as if they were leather shoes, such as these by Joy and as shown in the picture of authentic dutch shoes. They are still worn today by laborer's and are safer than steel tipped shoes.
Traditional Dutch Shoes "klompen"

Poinsettia's by Joy Juarez, in stock, 18 count

Small Church in Holly Border $55. SOLD

Miss Poinsettia $65.00

Daylily by Joy Juarez $74.

Lily of the Valley heart $124.

Thanks for taking a look!  Happy to kit any of the canvases above, let me know you preferences if any and I can provide a quote.